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My focus is helping clients regain a sense of balance and well-being in their lives. I work to guide clients towards increased self-understanding and relief. I believe in a collaborative approach that is strength-based, trauma-informed, psycho-educational, goal-driven, and non-judgmental. I believe in giving my clients tools to practice—both in the counseling session and in their lives—to move toward the change they are looking for.

individual counseling for adults

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Overall, I work to empower my clients to safely and skillfully dig deeper to understand their story, make changes in the present, and feel like they have influence over their future.   We work together to approach and work with many challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief and loss. 

My approach is trauma informed which means we ask the question “What happened to you?” vs. “What’s wrong with you?”.  It also means there is a strong emphasis on creating an environment where you feel safe physically, socially, and emotionally and build skills and practices to create that for yourself. 

I like to provide my clients with practical and realistic tools to practice inside and outside of counseling to support them in reaching their goals. These tools may be Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills such as emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.  Sometimes together we read articles or books or discuss podcasts to help cultivate understanding, self-compassion, and empathy.  We may also practice yoga, mindfulness meditation, or other grounding and self-soothing strategies to calm the body and mind to feel safe, steady, and at ease to do the work of counseling.

I may be a good fit for you if:

  • You are feeling chronic stress, dissatisfaction, burnout, or empathy fatigue within your profession or life. 
  • You are experiencing social anxiety, anxiety, chronic stress, traumatic stress, feelings of depression, or going through a life change (chosen or not) and looking for an approach that is calming, strength building, collaborative, experiential, compassionate, and goal driven.
  • You are a young adult transitioning to college, career, or a new relationship and looking for support on how to navigate the change authentically.

Parent Support Counseling

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and there is no one size fits all approach to parenting.  I approach counseling parents with a compassionate lens understanding parenting is both messy and beautiful.  Together we dig in and identify the challenges in your family and practices to create change.  I know parenting can bring up our own childhood wounds so aim for our work together to be healing and empowering.  I pull ideas and tools from experts such as Dan Siegel, Dr. Becky, John & Julie Gottman, and Mindfulness Based Parenting.

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