coping cards

Anxiety Coping Cards for Children and Caregivers

A set of 4×6 cardstock anxiety coping cards for children and caregivers. Card are based of my Hank and Frank Book series. The cards include 12 practices for the mind and body to learn to regulate anxiety. Additional cards to understand and anxiety and tips for caregivers.

Distract - Relax - Coping Card for Children and Caregivers

These are 4×6 cards on cardstock with 5 distraction, 5 relaxation and 5 coping skills to practice with your child to help them learn the skill of emotion regulation.

Hank and Frank Growth Mindset Cards

This set of 4×6 growth mindset cards are a companion to the Hank and Frank Cancel “I Can’t” children’s book. A colorful set of cards to teach you and your child what growth mindset it and practices to access and grow this skill.

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