youth yoga classes

customized classes

Classes are designed and customized for you to access individually, as a family, or as a small group.  These are general themes.

I can also create a mindful movement series specifically for you, your family, or your organization. I will customize it to meet your wellness goals! Please email me if you’d like to explore this further.

family yoga

Being a parent is the most amazing, challenging, and important role there is, and the stress facing families these days is immense and endless! Come to Family Yoga to give yourself the much-deserved time to intentionally slow down, relax, laugh, play and bond with your child. This will be an opportunity to connect with your child and other families. Cultivate calm, resiliency, and harmony in your home by learning self-care and self-regulation practices all while having fun with your child. 

In my Family Yoga series, I will introduce and we will practice the YogaCalm® Principles of Stillness, Listening, Grounding, Strength, and Community. We will put these principles into practice through yoga, breathing, guided relaxations, art projects, games, books, and lots of laughter and fun! You will leave this class feeling that raising a young family can be a time to thrive and not just survive.

yoga and mindfulness: wellness tools for educators

“Teaching at its best arises from healthy teachers who are well rested, open minded, clear thinking and compassionate towards the challenges of learning.  A Mindful teacher is fully present, able to support and encourage whilst simultaneously challenge their students to reach beyond expectations or self-doubt.  Relaxed teachers are flexible teachers.  Flexible teachers are more likely to be resilient.  Well-being in schools is a fundamental prerequisite for healthy, constructive and productive quality teaching and learning.  Both students and teachers need to be supported, fit and well to be inspired and inspiring.” 
-Kathryn Lovewell

Educators are master jugglers meeting the diverse social, emotional, and academic needs of students, parents, administration, and the often-stressed school system and community they work in.  Those needs can vary from day to day or hour to hour, so to say educators must think on their feet and be ready for anything is an understatement.  This being “on” and vigilant all day and often into the night (as educators are planning all the time) is energizing but also draining and can take a toll physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally if we are not mindfully tuning into our own needs. 

If you are a passionate educator or an educator losing their passion, I hope you consider this workshop.  It is a collaborative and supportive class to bring together a community of individuals working in a stressed system and cultivate renewal, relaxation, resiliency, and healthy coping skills. 

The workshop is built around six themes; Intentions, Emotions, Compassion and Self-Care, Radical Acceptance, Energy and Inspiration, and Gratitude. 

Reach out if you’d like me to bring this workshop to you and your school, access it individually, or bring together a group of educators.

mindful parenting

“Mindful parenting is the hardest job on the planet, but it’s also one that has the potential for the deepest kinds of satisfactions over the life span, and the greatest feelings of interconnectedness and community and belonging.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

As a parent, you have probably been on the receiving end of someone saying “They grow up so fast. Enjoy it!”, and for those in the trenches of parenting we can forget to enjoy it!  We can easily get lost in the auto pilot mode of planning, managing, fixing, and doing.  By bringing mindfulness to parenting we can learn to slow down, pause, savor and enjoy the moments more consciously and fully and in turn build more memories and stronger relationships with our children. 

In this Mindful Parenting series, you will have the opportunity through yoga and mindfulness awareness practices to create a inner calm, curiosity, stillness, and strength to honestly and kindly reflect on the inner work of parenting.  What are, for better or worse, your parenting patterns and reactions?  By bringing self-care and self-regulation to ourselves as parents we are better able to cultivate this in our children and bring more harmony to our homes. 

My hope is that you leave this series feeling refreshed, more aware and connected with yourself, and a little less alone in the very real challenges of parenting.  Also, with an increased ability to parent with skill and confidence and roll with the punches with self-compassion, humor, and intelligence. 

This series will be customized to the needs and wishes of the parents and cover themes such as; Intention & Attention, Wisdom, Forgiveness & Self-Compassion, Emotion Regulation, Self-Care, and Mindful Discipline.  Resources will be shared from parenting and mindfulness experts Dan Siegel, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Shauna Shapiro.

reflect, relax, renew: yoga and mindfulness for overall wellness

The goal of this class is to be a supportive place to come together to reflect, relax, and renew via gentle yoga movement and mindfulness meditations. In this class you will have the opportunity to: 

Reflect – Take space to be curious with kindness about your own physical and emotional wellness. 

Relax – Practice calming both your mind and body to soften, soothe and become less tense and anxious. 

Renew – Return to daily lives recharged, grounded, and centered. 

Topics to Explore:
Wisdom, Happiness, Gratitude, Self-Compassion, Compassion, Intentions, Equanimity, Self-Care, Grief & Loss, Relationships, Emotion Regulation, Radical Acceptance, Resilience, Energy and Inspiration. 

This class is a great fit for individuals looking for renewal who are feeling stuck, moving through a life change, or wanting to process a life event in a healthy way.

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